Friday, December 03, 2004

So I decided to change the name of my blog today... Decided it was time to depart with my beloved quote from Will Ferrell in Anchorman, "I AM A GLASS CASE OF EMOTION!!!" It just stuck with me... Maybe sometime I'll revert back to it.

But for now I felt like my blog is more thought than emotion...maybe a mix of both, but whatever. And for some reason yesterday I realized that my blog is sort of like a trap somewhere my thoughts get a chance to escape to or maybe accidentally fall into. If I don't get them out in real-life conversation then they appear here, because they can't just stay in my head! Did I mention how much I love the blogging world?

It's my Christmas Extravaganza weekend. Last night I saw Christmas in the Chapel and I will again tonight, and tomorrow afternoon I'm catching the matinee of "Our God Has Come" at Eastview. Sure they might have a million cool lights, but I will still hold my cherished Christmas in the Chapel higher in my heart. The storyline this year is incredible...Jeff Colleen is a genius for writing it all each year. This time I'm even more amazed. I miss being a part of it, and of course each year I will continue to join in singing the finale of Good Christian Men, Rejoice! There's a special feeling inside that the song brings, and it could never ever be the same outside of the realm of LCC's Christmas in the Chapel. No other arrangement, accompaniment, director, or chorale would do it justice in my mind. And no matter how many times I've performed it in the show over the past 4 years, the feeling's there every time. Don't know what it is...but I love it.

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