Thursday, December 30, 2004

Ready or Not...Here Comes 2005!

So here comes NYE...should be one of the most fun nights of the year, but somehow that just doesn't always ring true for me. For some reason usually my NYE just isn't as great as I've hoped it would be. Maybe I should just be okay with a night that is just okay, and not some huge movie-like party. Maybe even though I'm planning for tomorrow night to be loads of fun, with lots of people over my apartment, lots of food that I will have prepared, and some good times, maybe no one will even come and I should be okay with that. I think I can be...but you know it'll feel like another February 14th non-celebration, wondering how much fun everyone else is having without me. I can't wait till I get to have all the fun. Why shouldn't I now? I declare that my NYE will not suck this year (nor will my V-Day), even if it does end up just being me and Traubs eating all the food we've made. At least we'll have fun eating!

I think I'll go home, take a bath, read a book, listen to my new fav song: #5 on the Monk & Neagle CD, and have a glass of wine. My new favorite thing to do. Ah, yes. Goodbye.

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