Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Recap 2004

So I was inspired by Brian's blog to reflect upon 2004 and see what God has brought me through and what things--whether big or little-- have shaped me in some way. Overall it has been a year of growth, change, decisions, questions, finding out who I really am, and seeking truth and reality. Here are my memos to the things or people (who will probably never read this) who have somehow affected me:

~to my internship w/ One 5 Oh!~ Thanks for teaching me how to be a leader & how NOT to be a leader. I developed a voice to sing and a heart to worship. You made me endure miserably long trips on good ol' Big Blue--Dolly Parton's old bus--with 5 other guys, me the only girl, but thanks for the temporary brothers that I never had and sometimes never wanted. Thanks for a chance to fall in love with Indianapolis & the people I lived with.

~to God during my internships~Thanks for closing doors in my face, opening more, closing a few more, and holding my hand as I walked into those opened again.

~To LCC~I thought I was finished with you but I guess not. When I started working for you I asked myself, "Is this a good or bad thing? I don't really want to be here forever!" and I have concluded that it is good. After 6 months of Admissions Counseling I've questioned my place here and if I'm even good at what I do. Thanks for those people (Kate, Nathan Davenport, Jennifer Staggs, and others) and things that have affirmed I'm where I should be. I feel at home for now and have no idea where else I'd be.

~to Fuel & house church~I'm different now than I was 5 months ago because of you. Well, because of God. But you've shown me incredible people who have defined real, true community to me.

~to Chris Hornbrook & the other leaders in Fuel~we've all taken action in faith toward rebuilding the Acts 2 church within Fuel and it has been incredible. I've loved joining hands on this journey together.

~to Bethany Dillon~ you get my award for CD of the year. By far. You're amazingly wise. You must be older than 16.

~to Matt Wertz~I love you and I'm still waiting for your proposal. Need my ring size? And I expect a song.

~to Margaret Feinberg~your book "Twentysomething" was my security blanket this summer.

~to Donald Miller~"Blue Like Jazz" and "Searching for God Knows What" are kicking my butt. You've redefined the gospel and the Christian life for me.

~to the people whose blogs I read all the time without them even realizing it (and some don't even know who I am)-- (Cory, Shelly, Doug, Brian L., Brian & Jamie S., Phil, Dustin, Adam, Tyler, Lindy) Thanks for opening up so the world can see a glimpse of who you are. You've made me laugh really hard sometimes and you've inspired me more than you'll know. I want to be more creative, more communicative, more reflective, more open and engaged in culture because of you. Most importantly, you help me to be more real.

~to my seminary class, Shaping the Heart of a Leader~ you've opened all the windows & doors of my heart and started to clean and polish every crevice.

~to my many concerts w/ Shane & Shane, Matt Wertz, Dave Barnes, Bethany Dillon, Shawn McDonald, David Crowder--Thanks for allowing me to worship with you.

~to my married friends--thanks for being great examples of what I can prepare for and look forward to. I cherish our friendships.

~to my single friends--I wouldn't trade our friendships for the world.

~to 2004--Thanks for teaching me.
~to 2005--I can't wait to see what you bring. It better be good!


Adam said...

I know it is not on the subject but your blog looks a lot better. I am sure your next year will be awsomer!

Mandy said...

Why thank you! I thought I'd go for something different.