Thursday, January 13, 2005

Aunt Meanie

That's what my niece, Maddy, calls me. Not because she thinks I'm mean, but because she can't quite say Mandy all the time. She also gets it confused w/ Mimi (my mom) sometimes and randomly calls everyone Papa (my dad) as well. She gets confused sometimes, yet she's still quite the smart little girl. Here's proof:

My sister emailed me a few minutes ago to tell me that the director at Maddy's day care (which she's only been attending for 2 weeks now) called to ask Cory's permission to move her up to the 2 year olds room. Apparently Maddy was bored with her room and was too advanced for her age group. (She's only 20 months old.) Cory's words to me were, "She must get her smarts from you."

Thanks sister! I'm quite the proud auntie. :-)

(Also, if you click on the title of the post, it'll take you to Maddy's "sassy" pic that I linked from Cory's blog. I'd post my own pictures if I could, but I can't install Hello on my work comp. yuck. wish I could share all my digitals...oh well!)


Luke said...

She's adorable.

Mandy said...

She certainly is, if I can say so myself. If only you could hear her or see her in real makes her even more adorable! (at least most of the time!)