Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Lunch Break

Here are my thoughts from watching TV during my lunch break:

  • Someone explain to me how Snoop Dogg is still making music & videos? Tell me, is he writing, recording, and working from his prison cell? In between visits there maybe? And if he's not there, shouldn't he be?
  • Thanks to VH1, I now have insight into the lives of all celebrity children & their treehouses & playhouses...rich little brats!!! I played in our basement!
  • The Style Network has tried really hard to imitate TLC's "What Not to Wear" with their rip-off, fake version entitled "How Do I Look?" That just plain makes me mad. They were jerks and they should just leave it to Stacey & Clinton on TLC.


Cory said...

Geesh, kiddo. Sounds like you need some Ben & Jerry's and a bubble bath or something today.

Love ya:)

Mandy said...

Although that would be quite nice, I'm not in a bad mood! Those are just my sarcastic remarks that I thought I'd share w/ everyone! I guess it's just hard to read sarcasm in writing. :-) love ya sis.

Dustin said...

Snoop's not in prison. He is however coaching his son's little league football team. Last year he bought them a tour bus to travel on their road games. They are actually going to make a movie called Coach Snoop. I wish I were making this whole thing up.

Mandy said...

I guess I just feel like Snoop SHOULD be in prison b/c he scares me. I can't imagine how those little kids feel! And yes, I wish you were making that up. How in the world did you find that out, anyway?

Dustin said...

there was a special on MTV!