Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Bachelorette...

Well, it looks like America has two new Bachelorettes: Jen Schefft and Jen Aniston. Maybe Jennifer Aniston should be on ABC's next series...

Anyway here's my review of last night:
-I think it's obvious who the producers threw in just for kicks--drunk Chris from KY. At least he made for some good laughs; the token black guy--Ryan; possible stalker disguised as a really sweet guy--Stu; dorky self-absorbed French guy--Fabrece

-I think I am a lot like Jen. As they showed previews of her crying and freaking out b/c of her indecisiveness later in the show, I thought, "I'd do the same thing, knowing that's what I got myself into!"

-Honestly there is only one guy there I really like. Can we say B-E-N? I'd be afraid to go on that show and have to keep some of them in there even though there's only one or a few I'd be interested in! That would suck..."you mean, I can only get rid of 10 of them? I have to give out 15 roses?"

And now...here are my predictions for the final few:
Ryan Sh.

Of course, my #1 choice would be the adorable Ben. And I'll put $$ on this: if he's not chosen, he'll be the next guy for the Bachelor. And I'll be applying to be on there.

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