Monday, January 10, 2005

Heck Yes I Did...

Did I mention that I have the Napoleon soundbytes on my computer for when I click on menus and get new emails and such? My day couldn't begin better than when I turn my computer on and hear the oh-so-wonderful voice of Kip saying, "That's what I'm talkin' about." It's a beautiful day.

Weekend Update:
-attended the Hornbrook wedding...was mad that I was 5 minutes late, and the wedding and reception were so short and fast, but still good. I just love Chris & Lyndsey. They're such a beautiful couple.

-had fun staying at the Fisher's house in Avon, IN and remembering how I lived there a year ago, oblivious to what the future held for me.

-played in the snow at the Fisher's house at 3:30 a.m., made a snow angel, built a snowman (w/ faces on both sides), and captured some beautiful photos of the snow falling.

-experienced shopper's remorse on both Saturday AND Sunday after purchasing 3 pairs of pants, a pink frost-free vest, a blue velour warm-up outfit (that i'll wear every day after work probably), and several other items. Circle Center in Indy and Eastland Mall were danger zones for me.

-officially "placed my membership" at Eastview...although that whole process is kinda funny and weird that it's even a "process." I think the only difference now is that I'll actually be on their mailing lists...I've already been attending, involved, and serving there for months.

-woke up at 2:00, 2:30, 3 something, 4 something, and 5 something in the morning last night...each time thinking it was time to get up, but then excitedly saw on my alarm clock that I had yet until 6:00 to sleep. Then I continued to snooze it until 6:30. As always.

That's all for now. This has been another great edition of my exciting Weekend Update. Thanks for comin' along.

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