Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Matt Wertz at LCC???

Alright friends...pray hard. We might be able to bring Matty Wertz to LCC. "When?" you ask. Oh, soon, and very soon. Yes, Wednesday, Jan. 26th. It's just a budget issue at the moment, and a waiting for the boss to return from CO issue. And of course, Matt has to accept our offer--that is an issue too. Oh, but prayer is powerful, my friends, so let's get on it.


Anonymous said...

Please, God, let Matt come play at LCC. That would be awesome!

Seriously though, Mandy, let me know if this develops into reality.


Dustin said...

oh, that matt is a hottie!

Mandy said...

Heck yes he is a hottie. And as of right now, it's probably not happening...however, we have the chance of getting him at an EXTREMELY low price for what he usually gets. If anyone wants to take up an offering for $1000 I'm willing to give my part. For sure. So keep praying. And give out of the love of your heart for Matty Wertz. :-)