Friday, January 28, 2005

so much to share

There's a whole lot I want to write today, including an entire excerpt from my current read: Donald Miller's Prayer and the Art of Volkswagen Maintenance (which is, by the way, excellent!) However, I'm going to refrain from posting that today and save it for a day when I don't have anything else to say.

Last night's Matt Wertz show was good, though expectedly not as good as the St. Louis show he played completely acoustic & unplugged. I find it so interesting to watch the girls pour into these shows--some scantily clad, some trying to fit the Wertz style, some who you can see it in their face are just bursting w/ excitedness that Matt Wertz is right in front of them and they're imagining he's singing Red Meets Blue to them, when really he's singing it about GOD and His beautiful creation. We couldn't help but laugh while people-watching. Trying so hard not to be judgmental, it was just my prayer that I'd never be a psycho fan of anyone like these girls were. (And even some guys...boy there was one who was just jammin' the whole time, bopping up and down, back and forth, singing all squinty-eyed and all...) It was just obvious who the groupies were and I really hope no one thinks that I am like that.

Of course I joke about marrying Matt Wertz, and secretly that is a dream of mine. However, I know it's not going to happen realistically. A girl can pretend, and she can set her standards. Am I right? I just hope that my secret dream of marrying him and my love for his music & creativity & personality that is evident in his shows and my attending his shows anytime they're nearby does not categorize me w/ the psycho girls. Please hit me in the face if I ever become like them. Seriously!

A few other tidbits:
-It's Friday! hooray!
-My mind has been flooded w/ ideas for poetry's weird. Maybe not so much poetry as possible song lyrics or something. I'm obsessed w/ lyrics.
-I'm wearing my bright pink Old Navy vest today...and did I pay $19.99 for it in the women's dept.? Nope--I bought the XL in girls instead and only paid $6.97. :-)
-my back hurts from sitting in this chair

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Joe said...

Nice blog. Good to see a fellow music lover. I'll be back frequently for the latest tips...and to read more of your poetry.