Thursday, January 20, 2005

Thinking about...

Here's entry #2 for the morning ~ the things I'm thinking about at the moment:

-new SFG starts today (we lost 2 girls from last semester, but gained 2 new transfers, so praying they all love each other....)

-Einsteins' coffee woke me up this morning and smelled SO good. I've never smelled it upstairs like I did this morning. It was overwhelming, and I still didn't want to get up.

-Glad that I DID wake up this morning, considering yesterday I accidentally shut my alarm clock off and slept till 9:30 (I was supposed to be at work at 7:30).

-Still thinking about all Dr. Lowery said last night at Focus...and processing it all. This wasn't even his main point, really, but it's what stuck w/ me a lot: about Scripture-- "we need to not only examine it, but embrace it; and we need to not only study it, but submit to it." (maybe the alliteration w/ the e's and s's helped me remember it or something) Why do we sometimes think about it as a book of things we should consider and possibly change in our lives and not just start with it as a foundation and build from there?

-looking forward to hanging out w/ kate & chantell this weekend, and of course to babysitting madelyn belle on saturday!

-Happy Birthday to Aubrey & Amanda today, and to Allison yesterday!

-Missing my friendship w/ Amanda, looking forward to rebuilding it soon...

-frustrated, with a former student who is bringing students today and we already have 4 visits set up for today, so we really don't have time, but whatever...

-feeling...content. happy. satisfied. thankful.

-singing in my head these days: "Anyway" by Eliot Morris, "Let Go" by Frou Frou (on the Garden State soundtrack)

-liking the phrase: "these days" (hm...maybe a future blog title)


Anonymous said...

I love FrouFrou and just bought the Garden State DVD two days ago (and the soundtrack 4 months ago). I sang "Let Go" at the American Microphone Project in October and the crowd loved it. So cool.

Dustin said...

you should check out the Denison Witmer cover of the song "These Days". It's amazing!