Monday, February 07, 2005

Monday Monday

*loving Monday meetings b/c they go by so much faster that way.

*tonight will, of course, be the blessed Bachelorette night. Can't wait to see what happens tonight...although I'm not as excited now since Ben is gone. She's missing out.

*saw The Wedding Date on Friday--very cute. an obvious chick flick, w/ some heart-wrenching one-liners such as these 2:
~"I think I'd miss you if I had never met you."
~"I'd rather fight with you than make love with anyone else."
I'm a sucker for those romantic lines...

*Super Bowl--who freakin' cares? Not me. Or I guess I should say who cared? I didn't.

*Project of the day: Thanks sister for the incredible idea from International Male magazine. She somehow was sent the hideous catalog, so I took it for inspiration for a friend. Tore out 3 funny pages (one lovely lavender suit w/ matching shoes, a "sexy fishnet long sleeve top," and some scary silver metallic pleather pants) and printed out pics of Nate's head from his staff ID picture, cut it out, and taped it onto the pages. I put them on his desk w/ a note that said "Thought you might enjoy these additions to your wardrobe collection...There's more where that came from." We all enjoyed an afternoon of laughter after that. Actually it only lasted like an hour, but it was fun while it lasted.

*additional humor: not to their knowledge, I also subscribed Nate & Josh both to receive that catalog here at the school address. Can't wait till it comes in through the campus mailroom. Go to and sign up some's a good laugh.

*finally, yes, I do work. Sometimes.
Just kidding, I do.


Cory said...

hee hee. don't forget to give it back. that's my favorite reading material. especially the boys in their undies. yuck.

Mandy said...

hey sis! don't worry i'll get you back your catalog...there will be enough in the office to go around after nate and josh get theirs! ah ah ah ah ah... (count dracula laugh)