Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Still upset, but on the lookout (a.k.a. Bachelorette Recap Week #4)

First of all, yes I can't stay away from checking my email for a day, so I'm in the office at 7:00 p.m. after being gone all day at a really good recruitment seminar in St. Louis.

On to the REAL news...I am STILL mad about last night's Bachelorette. Ya'll have read my predictions and comments thus far, and my said predictions have been wrong. I guess I had it all wrong. I thought Jen and I were alike, so I thought our thinking would be similar in this: get rid of at least John Paul or Jerry and KEEP BEN YOU IDIOT!

I'm mad for several reasons:
#1: obviously because Ben is gone. Yes, yes, I know they didn't get to know each other and he didn't even get a chance! I just don't understand why she didn't make more of an effort to begin with, nor did she make the right decisions in the end. See below.

#2: Jerry is a player. A flirt. A charmer. Whatever you may call him. She's not real around him. She turns into a flirt and what "relationship" they currently have consists of little to no depth. It's mainly kissing, touching, and flirting. We all know that won't last long. (well, I guess not WE, but you all...I can assume.)

#3: John Paul over Ben? Seriously Jen. I know ya'll had a good date last week but can you really live w/ that half-smile thing for the rest of your life? Is there even a chance?

OK those are my reasons for being mad. Ryan is CLEARLY my choice for the end now. He's great, and I hope he wins. That's all I have to say.

I'm off to Aspen, CO to find Ben and learn how to ski.

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