Wednesday, March 02, 2005

best friends

i can't wait to have a best friend.

don't take this the wrong way, i definitely have lots of friends who i consider to be "my best friends," but no one particular "best friend." See the difference? maybe not.

it's funny how those best friends change throughout the years. i can usually remember them by grade:
Preschool: Lindsy Corcoran
Kindergarten: Stephanie McGee
First grade: Meagan Nink
Second & Third grade: Shayh Moore maybe? don't remember
Fourth & Fifth grade: Audrey Yusko?
Sixth grade: Erica Cole, Jessica Salaz, Kunjali Padhya
Seventh grade: Erica, Jessica, Amanda Cole, Kunjali Padhya
Eighth grade: same as before
9-12th grade: Kristy Kerestes & Jenny Quinn, still Amanda Cole

In college it changed again and each year altered it a little more. I could probably list off at least like 12 people I'd consider to be my best friends at this moment, but I always wished I had one of those best friends throughout my entire life. I look forward to having one for the rest of my life (whoever i marry) and continuing the close friendships I'm blessed with at the moment.

thanks, God, for friends. i love them. and i can't wait to see what new ones you bring into my path someday.

the end. i didn't mean for this to be cheesy, but it kinda turned out that way.

oh, and p.s. I got a new purse yesterday in this exact color! i'm starting to have a colorful purse collection almost as large as my colored pants collection...we might have a battle someday: purses vs. pants.


Anonymous said...

Hey. It's Brian. I was quite entertained that in some cases you put question marks at the end of some folks' names. I don't know. I just pictured you at that age saying..."My best friend is _________. Well, I think they are. Maybe." I'm sure that meant a lot to them at the time. Anyways, it had me laughing.

And congrats on the new purse.

Mandy said...

Ha. I was afraid it kinda sounded like that. I doubt I questioned who my best friends were then...well, ya never know. Elementary school and jr. high are shady times in life. But it was more of me trying to remember who really was my best friend, since it obviously was different each year.

And thanks. I do love the purse.

Kunjali said...

holla, i made the list. i'm still very sorry for all the crap that went down between us and i'm glad that we got through it. i am lucky to still have you in my life as a close friend after all this time. man, kids are psycho in junior high. oh, and i think i never called you back after you called to wish me happy birthday like two months ago. so thanks very much and sorry i didn't call back. but i've been keeping up with you via the ol' blog. miss you tons and hope to see you soon. by the way, i have had i think 4 or 5 old best friends that all have kids now. weird huh?

Mandy said...

Holla back, of course you made the list! Remember back in the day when we were BFF and then we got in some big fight over nothing in jr. high! we were so mature. haha.

hope you're doing great! by the way, who all has kids? i'm thinking of ebker, chrissy, elizabeth, stephanie, and that's all...maybe i'm forgetting some.

Allison said...
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Allison said...

I agree. I always wished that I had someone that I had been best friends with since childhood. It is always so awsome to see how Missy and Rachel have been so close for so long and I have always admired their friendship. However, I consider myself very fortunate because I may not have one "best friend," but there are so many people in my life that show me they care everyday even though they are far away and that I wouldn't trade it for anything. You are one of those people and I miss you tons! the way I got a new purse too and I'm enjoying it as well. It is black so it would make you happy to know that I am typing in black. I'm not sure why, but that comment made me think of how we keep our closets organized by color and type. I know that was random, but enjoy the purse anyways.