Tuesday, March 01, 2005

dorky fun survey from myspace

Describe yourself using one band and only song TITLES by that band: I choose Matt Wertz.

Are you male or female: Marianne

Describe yourself: Hiding Behind a Smile

How do some people feel about you: In on a Whim

How do you feel about yourself: Everything's Right, Wandering Eyes

Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend: Can I say what it wasn't? If so, I choose Honest Man. If you can even count him as a boyfriend. I'm pretty sure I don't really count the 11 days from 4 years ago.

Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend: Counting to 100

Describe where you want to be: Green Pastures

Describe what you want to be: That For You

Describe how you live: This Moment

Describe how you love: Sweetness in Starlight, Faith and Compromise

Share a few words of wisdom: I Will Let You Down

-I definitely spent WAYYY too much time on this...and it's sad that I had to look at all of Wertz's song titles to be make sure I chose just the right one!

-Do this, it's fun!

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