Wednesday, March 09, 2005

no strings attached

Nope, we're not talking about the NSync CD...

Just how I kinda feel sometimes about my life. Obviously there are strings like to my family and some temporary "strings" to my job, ministry, etc. But really, I could do anything and go anywhere I pretty much want! And to some people that's a good thing but for me it's overwhelming. I'm just not sure what to do with it.

I've written about this before, but I just am so unsure about my future. I know that's normal, but it has been enhanced in my mind since talking to my friend Faith yesterday. Just the thought of moving somewhere new, starting in a completely different, fresh place sounds so good to me...but where is that place? I don't even know. Maybe NYC, maybe California, maybe Chicago, maybe that place is even right here in Lincoln? Weird as it is to say, maybe my being stretched is taking place right here in Lincoln. Surrounded by the familiar. Familiar places. Familiar people. Familiar jobs. I guess I'm just figuring out if I should be here or if I need to go somewhere else. It's never a matter of what I want necessarily or where I want to be, but it's a matter of where I am led or called to. Maybe I just need some discernment in that.

So, if you have a direct line with the Guy upstairs, and he lets you in on anything I should know, I'd like to hear it. If not, just let Him know I wouldn't mind a little nudging in any direction!

Enough of the heavy stuff...

-I can't stop listening to my Steve Tyrell CD.
-I also can't stop listening to Marc Broussard. Go to Best Buy. Your $9.99 spent will make you happy.
-I am so tired and can't wait for my 10 min. nap in the tanning bed later today.
-I'm jealous that Doug is leaving tmw for Florida, I won't lie.
-That's all I got. i'm fresh out of things to say.

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Cory said...

I wish I could say that I also cannot stop listening to my burned copy of Steve Tyrell, however, since you wrote on it with pen, I can only hear the first 2 songs, so I threw it away. We tried to find the songs on my computer, but they're gone.

Peese burn it again for me. Peeeese!