Tuesday, March 08, 2005

So I Says...

So Cory and I were in Target this weekend and found the BEST magnets ever. We both wanted to blog about it, because we can't stop laughing about them. They're these old-fashioned black and white things that have cute phrases that women say like "My house is cuter than yours" or "Ohmigod, no way. She did? No way! I don't believe it!" It's very '50s-ish and probably fits the Desperate Housewives outbreak this year.

Anyways, I bought them for my mom for her b-day because of one specific magnet that says this:

"So I says to Mabel, I says..."

You may need to say it out loud to yourself for it to be as funny as it is to us. Our Dad says "I says" all the time, and we think it's hilarious. you have to love good ol' Streator folk.

I can't even think about it without laughing now!

What do people from your town say?


Cory said...

ohmigosh, i'm still rolling. i can't even read it without this goofy look on my face because i want to laugh, but i can't because i'm at work and no one would understand. hee hee. where did dad learn his grammatical skills from? thank god we're normal.

Mandy said...

haha. i know i still can't say it without laughing. and whenever i tell people about it, it just doesn't seem as funny to them as it is to us. i guess ya have to have a dad like ours. it must have been that st. stephens education he got.

So as I was typing that, I was listening to my Frank Sinatra CD and as the line "I said to myself, this affair never will go so well" and to myself I sang "I says to myself..." I think we should start saying it.

Anonymous said...

People in Towanda say "warsh" instead of wash. - Jerrad