Monday, March 07, 2005


so i might use a couple of sick hours today...i'm thinking since most of our campus visit day stuff is done, i'm going to go home if i can. my tummy hurts and i'm spaced out from my favorite equate cold/allergy/sinus (i don't know which one or two it is) medicine from wal-mart. it makes me feel good, but weird. but i'm not happy w/ my stomach hurting right now.

but the good news is, i don't have shingles. my arm stopped tingling finally. Still, my family could attest to my paranoia in checking my arm for red bumps or blisters every 5 seconds all weekend.

And my arthritic knees have stopped hurting.

On a different note, I had a really great weekend staying at Cory & David's. Cory and I had quite the time being silly and dancing around saturday night for a couple hours (even tired and sick-feeling as we already were), and then we laughed till we almost cried at maddy whispering and mouthing words. she's the funniest child ever.

my fav. quote from the weekend...

Cory: How did I make this child?
Me: I don't know, but i want the recipe!


Adam said...

First of all what are shingles?

And yes everyone is sick. I usually get stuffed up, pink eye, tired but I can't remember what time of the year that is. I know it is not Fall or Winter so far.

Hey Mandy do you remember the math teacher that had a beard, pretty nice guy in High School.

I told him you get pink eye from wiping your butt/ not washing your hands/ and rubbing your eye. I got kicked out because he had pink eye.

Mandy said...

First of all, shingles are a disgusting version of the chicken pox that you can only get after you've had chicken pox. Had you been around me with shingles and you had never had chicken pox, you'd have caught chicken pox from my shingles. Anyways, they're worse, because it's like a bunch of little blisters all over that itch but are mostly painful. It's disgusting, and basically they just plain suck.

That is SO funny about the pink eye story. I'm trying to remember which teacher you're talking about...all I remember are Mr. Harris, Mr. Crabtree, and there was another guy but I can't think of his name. I had him for Geometry. However, that's the most ridiculous cause of pink eye I've ever heard of, but it's hilarious coming from you!