Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Songs That Make Me Want to Throw Up: Vol. 2

The time is here again, folks. (Please see Wed. Jan. 5th's entry for Volume 1.) Feel free to comment on your own songs that you'd add to this list, but here's what I'm doing. Using WBNQ's Weekly Top 30 songs as a resource, I'm going down their list and freely commenting on the songs that might make me throw up if I hear them again on the radio. I will refrain on those songs that aren't quite gag-worthy yet. I'm sure they'll be added later.

Let's begin (note: my #'s reflect which number these songs rate on WBNQ's list):

#1. Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams... ~ Haven't we been down that road one too many times? I think I sure have. Even worse? The "remix" w/ Oasis's Wonderwall, that really is nothing special and I could have dubbed on my 1980s tape recorded by simply switching back and forth between the two songs. I'm sorry, but in my book, that's not really a remix.

#2. Jesse McCartney - Beautiful Soul... ~ Although this poppy tune is cute and was OK w/ me for awhile, it's starting to get old. It has played long enough for me to at least FINALLY get the words right. For the longest time, I kept singing "I don't want your silly wand to hold" instead of "I don't want just anyone to hold." RIdiculous, I know. You can laugh with me, not at me.

#5. Gavin Degraw - I Don't Wanna Be... ~ What don't you wanna be? An overplayed song? Is that it? I'm pretty sure I heard this song like a YEAR ago on Indianapolis stations. Why is it that we're STILL playing it? Let's move on to another Gavin soon-to-be-overplayed-hit.

#7. Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway... ~ You can't tell me this song is still playing. If you read my Volume 1 version of this list, you'll notice it was already on my list there. Enough said.

#8. Destiny's Child - Soldier... ~ No song makes me shiver with annoyance and turn off my radio like this one. The verses of this song have this annoying rhyme sound at the end of every line. I HATE the verse that ends each line with "leanin'........blah blah blah blah gleamin'....blah blah blah blah clean and......blah blah blah blah beatin'.....blah blah blah blah chiefin'....blah blah blah blah screamin'.... Ughh.....i think i might have nightmares of her singing that...

#10. Jay-Z & Linkin Park - Numb/Encore... ~ This song reached its title goal - I'm numb to it, and I do NOT want an Encore.

#11. Ersher, Jon & Luda - Lovers & Friends... ~ It's just gone on too long...

#13. Eminem - Mockingbird... ~ I never hope to hear an actual mockingbird sing this song. Could he have tried any harder to force rhymes in this "rap" song? I'm sorry, I'm not a fan of anything of yours Eminem.

#14. Tim McGraw - Live Like You Were Dyin'... ~ Why the depressing song? And all of a sudden it's a hit on pop stations. Didn't we already go there like a year ago with country stations? Or am I having flashbacks?

#22. Nelly & Tim McGraw - Over & Over... ~ Need we say more than the title of the song? That's all they say...over & over & over & over& over again......

#24. Eminem - Encore... ~ Again. I don't want an encore of this. Ever.

#26. Simple Plan - Welcome to My Life... ~ I'm just tired of this one.

#27. Nelly - N Dey Say... ~ It just makes me laugh that he titled this song "N Dey Say." I guess it doesn't make TobyMac look so bad for naming a song "Ill-M-I" now does it?

And that's as far as we'll go for now.

That was fun.

Stay tuned for future volumes. As fast as they keep pumping out new volumes of NOW CD's of today's hits (which really means "yesterday's"), I will be producing more volumes of this.

please add your own to this list if you'd like.

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