Monday, March 21, 2005

spring fever and random stuff

I've caught it. Evansville was nice and warm this weekend and it tricked me. I broke out my flips and even a skirt, and now i'm back to a sweater. What a tease.

Reminiscing: Lindsey & Matt Clark's wedding. So beautiful. Good times with the girls and good ol' friends that I miss a lot.

Ticked off: that I can't download Hello and put pics on here so you can see how beautiful she was.

Still laughing about: how Linds had to go to the bathroom 20 min. before the wedding, how we blocked the doors, and how we all were like prison guards keeping people and photographers from coming downstairs against Lindsey's will all day.

Thinking about: putting together a soundtrack from the weekend (preview: it will include lots of Rascal Flatts, some Motownphilly, Steve Tyrell, and others...)

Looking forward to: eating some Monical's pizza tonight...and even better news: 20% of it will go to Fuel. Yum.

Considering for a future blog: an updated version of my "Songs that Make Me Want to Throw Up" list. The radio stations are running low and the time has come once again.

Not feelin' it: I don't feel like a people person today. So I don't really want to be. Maybe I will when I leave this fluorescent lighting and have comfy clothes on.

Also ticked off because: I didn't get as much $ as expected from my tax returns. NOW how will I be able to plan my vacation to Cali?

Wondering: where i'll be in 5 years. heck, even where i'll be in 5 months!

Can't stop eating: those little black and red raspberry candies that kate got me from abe's. good breakfast? probably not. oh well, it was sufficient today. and i think i'll have another...

So thankful: it's Week of E so work is only 8-4 this week for us. yay! an extra 30 min. of AM sleep, another 30 min. of afternoon sunlight and freedom.

Forgot about: the plum on my desk that I brought to eat for breakfast. Oops. the candy worked instead.


Anonymous said...

I'm sitting here reading your blog, enjoying the delicous scent of those cherry bars you made today. Torture to have to do that and not eat them all. I have an interesting (well, maybe not interesting but perplexing) question for you... When taking and eating a delicious cherry bar, why do people lean over the plate in an attempt to not get crumbs on the floor? I don't want people's germs all over the bars that are left. Sure, stuff your mouth but have everything else that entered it but wouldn't fit fall onto a plate for everyone else to eat. If you know why, let me know! :) Thanks for bringing the treats, though. They're delicious!!

(I'm anonymous cause I'm a loser with no blog!)

Adam said...

Lydsay just got married that's pretty cool. I bet it was pretty cool.

I am feeling you on the tax return I need to go to Italy and Czech.