Thursday, April 28, 2005

caedmon's call

And this is my Caedmon's Call post.

Despite their obvious Calvinism, I'm a big fan of Caedmon's. There are days when I pull out 40 Acres or Long Line of Leavers or I long to find the old self-titled that I've lost somewhere, and I remember how much I love their songs. There are so many of them that I instantly hear and decide "this one is my favorite" and then I find another and decide that IT is my favorite. I won't choose a favorite, b/c they're all favorites. ("...cherry and grape are both favorites...they're both good...")

So this morning as I struggle to find words to write about anything else in my life, I'll tell you what my favorite Caedmon's songs are. (in order, of course, of their cd's)

There's a Stirring
This World
Bus Driver
Coming Home
Shifting Sand
Faith My Eyes
Table for Two
Petrified Heart
Somewhere North
Love is Different
Valleys Fill First
Piece of Glass
Carry Your Love
Hands of the Potter

Not that any of you really care, but I just thought I'd share these. It is almost for my own sake, to actually see how many of these songs I love. Man, I miss the old stuff. Nothing will top the 1997 self-titled CD or 40 Acres. Those are the best.


Anonymous said...

hey Mandy. it's Angela from SFG. i just happened to stumble across your site. anyways, i definitely agree with you. caedmon's call is amazing. there are so many of their songs that can really speak to the heart. and 40 acres is definitely one of their best.

Anya said...

I just read your post from today, and I laughed out loud when you made your refernce to Brian Regan! HA! I love it! Take Luck!

By the way, I stumbled across your blog from Misty's.

Mikey said...

what's wrong with calvinism?

Mandy said...

oh mikey, it's just not's just not me.

Dustin said...

Hey Mikey, Calvinism sucks. Who is Mikey anyway? Is this going to be something I regret saying? Will I lose support over this somehow?

Couldn't think of anything more intelligent to say.

Anyway, i freaking loved Caedmon's Call in college. Anything Derek Webb wrote was my favorite. My top 9 in no particular order:

1. Center Aisle (tear jerker)
2. Somewhere North
3. This World
4. Lead of Love
5. I Just Don't Want Coffee
6. 40 Acres
7. Prove Me Wrong
8. Mistake of My Life
9. Piece of Glass

Mandy said...

I'm pretty sure it's Mikey P. do know him, or at least I think you do. I doubt you'll lose support over it, anyhow.

Caedmon's is totally college music, at least at LCC. but it is so timeless...

Joshua said...

Good call on your favorites list. I too happend upon your blog when seeing what people had to say about my favorite group caedmon's call. And low and behold, a Brian Regan fan too? what a find.

and give calvinism a chance, :)