Friday, April 29, 2005

wanna know something funny?

On a completely different note from my previous post this morning, I thought I should fill you in on this:

This morning I woke up to the 7 a.m. singalong on WBNQ. what did they play?

Oh was Paula Abdul's "Cold-Hearted Snake."

Yessssssss..... I love it.

It was a whole lot easier to wake up when I could wake up dancing in my bed. :-)


Adam said...

So what you are trying to say is that you are a morning person.

joolz said...

Oh, uh oh, he's been telling lies!

You've inspired me to download some Paula tonight. I know you won't judge me.

I sure don't mind telling you that I put "I Think We're Alone Now," the Tiffany version, on a cd a few weeks ago.

p.s. thanks for the illinois welcome on my blog!

Mandy said...

Adam- not at all, my friend, not at all. normally i hate the mornings, but if i can wake up to paula abdul & dance, it helps a little.

Joolz- I'm sure I'd be a big fan of that CD you made and I def. wouldn't judge you! glad you're in IL now and hope to meet you someday!

joolz said...

Mandy, the Tap Your Toes mix can be yours! Email me your address: and I'll send you off a copy!