Friday, May 13, 2005

another sign from God from the Travel channel?

So last night I'm watching TV, flipping through the channels, when I stopped on the Travel Channel because of some "Best BBQ's" show where they talked about Texas.

Then I saw what was on next: "Home on the Range: Texas" What? Is it possible to hear about Texas more since I've been back than ever before? And of course, I waited to watch the show and found out that it was about SAN ANTONIO specifically! I had to tape it.

The funny thing was, they showed this place that looked just like Cowboys Dancehall but it was called the Far West Rodeo. I've yet to research and find out if they're the same or if that's an old name and the show was just outdated.

But now I know hot spots to go back to when I visit again--definitely going to get a Cactus Pear Margarita next time at the only place that serves them!

And I think i'd like to learn how to flemenco dance...

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