Wednesday, May 11, 2005

so I fall in love quickly...

with CITIES, not men, that is.

2 weeks ago? Brownsburg/Indianapolis
Currently? San Antonio.

I'm having a love affair with cities. It seems that I fall in love with every city I visit. Or maybe I just fall in love with the possibilities that exist in those cities. It's exciting to think about! Needless to say, I had a blast in Texas and it was so much fun to hang out and road trip back w/ Alli.

I have so much I'd love to post on here from the trip (especially pictures, but since I can't put them on here you'll have to see the few i put on myspace instead), but I've got to limit it to something for now.

So here it is...these are some reasons why I love San Antonio...or maybe just the south? (in no particular order)

1. First things first, Mamacita's Mexican Restaurant & Cantina. Best Mexican food ever. EVER. And, coolest atmosphere ever. I mean, come on, how many restaurants have you ever been to where you can see a shooting star on the ceiling? And watch them make the best tortillas ever? oh yum....and how many restaurants give you enough food to last you for 3 meals? oh yes, it did. thank you mamacita's. you're the best.

2. Cowboys Dance Hall. You know this girl loves to dance. It's not what you're thinking or picturing, which is probably some cheesy line-dancing place. Oh no. We're talking huge dance floor that is primarily covered with the two-step, a live band that is amazing, and when they take breaks, they play some good hip-hop. Good times. I'm taking yearly vacations back there to go back to Cowboys. For further reasons why...keep reading.

3. the southern boys. need i say more? i will anyway. Let me just say that there are some fine young gentlemen there. and they are, indeed, gentlemen. They POLITELY ask you to dance, and a few had to suffer through our Illinois non-two-stepping feet and teach us, but I was a fast learner. Thanks to the good teacher I had, some guy named Anthony. But oh, when they ask you to dance, they take your hand and lead you onto the dance floor so's quite hard to resist. (unfortunately i had a hard time turning down a few 50 year old cowboy men, so i just had fun w/ it and danced w/ them.)

4. The Riverwalk. It's absolutely beautiful. Miles of beautiful scenery, restaurants where you can eat outside next to the river, lots of people, fun clubs like Howl at the Moon (where we went Friday night), etc. I could spend days at the Riverwalk just people-watching.

5. the culture. even though I don't know any Spanish except for "el bano" and a few other choice words, I enjoy the culture. The Market thing was cool, bought some fun Mexican goods, and there is music everywhere. You know this girl also loves music, so it's my kinda town. except when it's always the crazy Spanish music...but everywhere else, those Texans love good country and good hip-hop, which is just fine w/ me!

6. Sonic. Believe it or not, they're everywhere! We should have counted. I could get all the orange CreamSlushes I could ever want! I started to believe that the overabundance of Sonic's in the South combined w/ my recent obsession w/ orange creamslushes was a sign from God to that possible?

7. WARM WEATHER!!! That's ALWAYS a plus. even if it's humid, I don't really care. I wouldn't mind being able to go year-round w/out an ice scraper or a giant alaskan parka.

So those are just a few reasons...probably more will come to mind later. Anyways that gives you a little rundown of some of what we did out on the town until Sunday. After that, it was off to Dallas, Tulsa, a brief stop in Joplin, and on back to IL on Tuesday.

I love experiencing new cities, and I do fall in love with them quite quickly. We'll just have to see where I end up! :-)


Anonymous said...

i also have love affairs with cities, but i'm moving to my love affair soon b/c i was offered an outstanding job as an animal toxicologist. i'm moving to madison, wisconsin in 3 weeks! :)

Lindy said...

I think it is a curse that comes with a love for travel. A driving force.

Mandy said...

i'm happy for you, whoever you may be! however, i don't know that i'll ever fall in love w/ a city that is north of here, simply b/c i desire warmer weather.

you're so right. it HAS to be part of loving to travel. everywhere I travel to I end up wanting to move to. But, it makes it fun!

Dustin said...

I LOVE SONIC. i really enjoy their banana shakes and cherry lime-ades. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

I really enjoy traveling as well. I was in Philly last weekend and it was much cooler than I thought. I was in L.A. most of this week and it was fun to visit but I really did not like it there. I don't think I could live in southern california as crazy as that sounds. i just don't like the feel of it. just being there makes me feel fake.