Thursday, May 05, 2005


...does my lower back keep hurting from sitting in my desk chair?
...are my blog links way down at the bottom where you have to scroll down? I get so easily angered by people sometimes? I have a crush on someone I've never even met? I trying to figure out packing schemes to try and avoid checking baggage?
...has the junk in my throat made a home there & I have random urges to cough? so many of us jump to conclusions so quickly?
...did I wake up feeling extremely sore today from playing catch w/ a football TWO days ago? it so wonderful to walk around outside without shoes on? I not get paid more w/ this job...seriously I hate asking my parents for $$!
...can't I travel somewhere cool EVERY weekend to see all my friends? I'm going to get used to this! I still blogging? It's 3:30 and I didn't take a lunch today, so I'm leaving early! I'm fixin' to go home and pack for Texas, ya'll! I'll write in here for ya'll again when I get back on Tuesday night!


BJ said...

Great questions. I have some of my own theories on some of the questions you've written. I call them theories and not answers because I'm not really sure there are answers for all of them, except why are your links at the bottom of the page. That just means you have to make your page wider because your main post section and your sidebar are each too wide for the typeable width that your blog has preestablished. LOL. (And I'm actually not a computer geek!!) I'll save you some of my other theories, but keep asking questions. I read in a famous book once, "Seek and ye shall find." If you keep seeking the answers, they will come to you...or if they don't at least you'll have some great questions.

Lindy said...

I think we were intended to be shoeless. I am convinced that the sensation of being barefoot would not be as sweet if we didn't have to wear footwear six months out of the year.

There is nothing like soft, cool blades of grass tickling your toes.

flowergirl said...

Dr. Liptak,

My lower back hurts too from sitting in my desk chair I think. yours still hurt? I haven't done anything remotely athletic (except remain standing for miles on a bus on bumpy Russian roads)...hmm, it does hurt worse after i sit in my chair. you're so smart, Mandy. i need to read your blog everyday. Thanks for the medical advice.