Wednesday, May 04, 2005

good news + flying

here's the good news of the day (i've been informed by kate):

HITCH is playing at the Route 66 drive-in in Springfield this weekend! Woo-hoo! So, I was all excited to hear that, b/c I'd love to go see it next weekend when I'm back from Texas.

Bad news: it's only playing this weekend. grrr... I've never ever been to the drive-in, so i was all pumped about seeing my favorite movie there, but no longer will it happen.

Ok I posted the above stated once, but now I'm adding the following to this post:

After extensive research regarding my American Airlines flight this Friday, I have discovered that In Good Company will be playing on my plane. I couldn't be happier. I've wanted to see this movie since it came out! And I was really hoping to not have to fly w/ my ghetto Discman, since I'm way behind the times w/o an iPod and I won't have to bring music at all except for our road trip home. American Airlines--if you screw this up for me I'll be ticked!

I'm extremely ridiculous about this flying thing...I've never done it by myself, so i'm nervous but excited! So I've been researching to make sure I don't bring anything over the required weight/size limits, and I thought it might be necessary to inform you of these odd things that American Airlines also gives limitations on:

boogie boards
bowling balls
fishing equipment
kayaks, boats, sculls, canoes
pole vault
scuba tanks
snowboard, surfboard, kiteboard, wakeboard
windsurf, kitesurf

I found those quite hilarious...but it's just not the same unless you read their limitations here:


Dustin said...

No Antlers! Crap!

joolz said...

Where are you going in Texas? Did you write about it? Man, I'm lazy. I can't even scroll down to check.

In Good Company rules. I loved it tons.

I sort of love you a lot for checking what the movie would be ahead of time. I've never thought to do that, but it's always the first thing I do when I board a plane.

Have a fun trip!

Mandy said...

dustin- yeah don't forget to leave those at home next time.

Joolz-I'm flying down to San Antonio to pick up my friend from her student teaching, and we're driving back! it's my turn to road trip this week!

Cory said...

that sucks that you can't take your javelin. you probly won't have fun now.

Anonymous said...

acctually when I worked at the airport people put on their pole vaults (Track nationals). Must be a new rule. NOT JOKING

joolz said...

You know I love a good road trip! Have the best time, Mandy! Be safe.

Lindy said...

There is a certain freedom and independence associated with flying solo. Quiet time, unless you are seated next to a four year old brat, is an ample commodity. I, however, quickly get bored with having no one to share in the adventure.

To read about being seated next to a four year old brat, refer to my post "Sedatives Anyone??" from October, 7 2004.