Monday, May 16, 2005


listening to Rascal Flatts. I can't seem to get enough of country music since TX.

bored at work. There is nothing to do. I'm okay with it.

concerned about my excruciating lower back pain. My hypochondria gets the best of me in situations like this...I have no idea why it hurts. did I hurt myself somehow? I have no idea! Is it from sleeping on my living room floor last week? I have no idea.

researching job possibilities if I were to move to Texas in a year...also considering the option of grad. school? scary? yes. what would i do? good question.

thankful for the fun weekend w/ friends. funny that they're all older than me but i graduated before them. congrats girls! i'm glad ya'll are done now too! welcome to the world after college!

out of things to post about. i guess that's all for the time being. happy monday!


joolz said...

It's funny, because when I was first thinking about moving to Chicago, it seemed like it was everywhere I looked, I saw people from Chicago on tv, Illinois license plates in California, little signs at every turn. I wonder if it's the same for you?

p.s. I'm the laziest and I haven't sent your cd yet. I'll get on that soon. Ha.

Mandy said...

that IS funny! it's like that keeps happening w/ me too. I even saw tons of TX license plates in IL before I went's like God was preparing me for it and I had no idea!

And don't worry about the cd...i'll be excited whenever I get it!