Tuesday, May 17, 2005

holy mother of pearl

it has to be said.

girls, if you watched the neverending, way drawn-out, 3-hour-finale of The Bachelor last night you know what I'm talking about.

come on, that's a freaking promise ring? what on earth is the engagement ring going to look like then?

you know, I hardly watched any episodes of this season of The Bachelor...pretty much the first, one in the middle somewhere, and last night's finale (and didn't realize it was 3 hours long, but i got sucked in!). Are you kidding me though?

I guess I'm OK w/ how it ended. I did like Krisily...but they both seemed good with him, so I think he did the right thing. oh well...i just had to comment on the ring!


Cory said...

Oh, I took it totally different than you did. I took it as it actually is the engagement ring, but for right now, they are just going to call it a promise ring because he put it on her right hand instead of the left. I think the intention was to move it to the left hand when it becomes an actual engagement. But, maybe I took it wrong.

I have to say, I never really watched all of it, but last night, I thought he was quite a respectable guy the way that he handled everything and worried about everyone elses' feelings so much. I liked Krisily better, though. I think his friend is right, Sarah is going to be a control-freak.

Mandy said...

ahhh...my wise sister. you're probably right about the promise-slash-engagement ring. at least i hope so, b/c he's going to drop a load of $$ on her if not!

i totally agree that he was quite respectable and gentleman-like. it had to make them fall in love w/ him more the way he handled things. and sarah is def. going to be controlling...once she realizes that he's NOT perfect...

joolz said...

Promise rings are for children. I'm sorry, but they are.

(I thank Jamie for that quote.)

That was the most drawn out finale in history. Three hours and not a reunion to be seen?

Thank heaven for Nana and her sassy ways. She kept me going.

Cory said...

Don't apologize, Joolz, promise rings ARE for children. You're in or, you're not. That's how I feel about it.

Mandy said...

I totally agree. promise rings are quite silly. I hate it when people give those out. what exactly is the promise, then?
someday we'll be engaged...

-"when I have enough money for a real ring?"

-"when I REALLY know if I love you or not...?"

-"when I rule out everyone else I have in mind?"

-"when we're out of high school?"

-"when I get some guts to actually ask you?"

-"or maybe never?"