Wednesday, May 18, 2005

more TV comments

Apparently each day I must blog about my previous night's TV watchings. (is 'watchings' a word? i doubt it. i don't care though.)

There are two topics we must discuss:

#1 - Gilmore Girls. are you kidding me? i can't believe they ended it that way! If you didn't watch, I'm still going to tell you what happened. In the final split second of the season finale, Lorelai nonchalantly proposed to Luke. From the way he was freaking out during the rest of the episode, my guess is he'll say yes. Besides, he's been in love w/ her for years! But he probably wants to propose to her, so maybe he'll do that instead. What do you think?

#2 - the ACM Awards. You bet your bottom dollar I watched the Academy of Country Music Awards after Gilmore Girls was over. I'll be honest though...most of the performances sounded pretty sucky. I hope it sounded better live than it did through the TV, b/c if not, the audience probably wanted to get up and leave every time someone performed.

Now I love Rascal Flatts, but they sounded awful. Sorry boys.

I love Dierks Bentley as well, but his voice wasn't quite captured.

Brad Paisley, however, sounded much better than the others, though not quite as good as he does live and in person. (though I LOVE his new song "Alcohol"--hilarious, minus the cheesy backdrop people during the performance last night)

Faith Hill? Liked the song, very cute! But again, bad mic's or somethin'...

and I had to laugh when Brooks & Dunn got Top Vocal Duo once again...happens every year. I think as long as they come out w/ just one new song, not even an entire album each year, they'll keep it up. it's pretty ridiculous!

And of course...Kenny- why didn't you mention your new wife Renee at all? Why wasn't she there with you...shouldn't you be on a honeymoon still?

And those are my comments from the show. sorry if you're bored from reading them, but it's what you get when I watch by myself! i've gotta let my comments out somewhere!


Cory said...

hey mandarin. i love your tv reviews. they are much needed when i get bored at work. i had a golf outing and got home later last night, but i caught some of the awards. they sounded ridiculously bad, i was feeling sorry for tim mcgraw, his song was a bit sour on most notes. it must have been the equipment if they all sucked. and i was waiting to see renee and kenny together, too! what's that about? she better have a darn good excuse for not being there.

Kunjali said...

today i am wearing green i decided to put on some green eyeshadow. then i thought to myself, i wonder if anyone else i know matches their eyeshadow to their pants. then i thought, mandy has a lot of colored pants, i bet she does. then i smiled!

miss rules.


Mandy said...

sister- yeah timmy even sounded better than some others on there, so you can imagine how bad some other performers sucked. poor Rascal Flatts...i've heard they're bad live anyway...but i think i need to see it to believe it...august 12th? anyone?

kunj-you're so right. i do tend to do match my colors of clothing to my eyeshadow... (as well as my blog font color. i'm a dork) hilarious. although i'm starting to stray from that a bit...we're just going w/ the pinks and browns a lot lately for eyeshadow. it differs.

Mikey said...

I actually liked the way that Gilmore girls turned out, except that i have to wait all summer to see what happens.