Friday, May 20, 2005

Say hello to your friends, Babysitter's Club, say hello to the people who care...

Alright Joolz, I have to steal this idea from you. So here are my results...a little harsh, don't ya think? Jeez! But I always secretly wanted to be Stacey or Claudia. Everyone knew they were the cool ones. As long as I'm not Kristy... which was your favorite book everyone? I think mine was #6 - Kristy's Big Day--because it was about a wedding or something. And I of course loved the Super Specials...the summer vacations and what-not. Ah, what great memories. And I know I'm not the only one who tried to start one of these clubs... 'fess up!

TREASURER - STACEY MCGILL - You are a cold, vapid
bitch who loves only money and shiny jewelry.
You learned this from your mother who was
addicted to shopping and leeching off of your
rich father until he got sick of it and
divorced her, leaving her penniless. With your
gold-digging tendencies and general
heartlessness, you are destined to face the
same fate. Have fun!

Which Member of the Babysitters Club Are You?!?!
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1 comment:

Cory said...

My sister, the cold vapid bitch. Ha ha, just kidding, I ended up being Stacey too. That is goofy. I loved those books. All 52 million of them.