Wednesday, May 25, 2005

just some random things.

-so, Kate is leaving Sunday for Baltimore for the summer. There goes having one of my closest friends working with me in the office. It's kinda hard, but the summer will fly by...sometimes. On days when I'm not gone it'll be slow, but soon it'll be August and she will return. unless things with sam go extremely, extremely well very quickly! ;-) I'm beginning to burn her cd's for her roadtrip.

-did anyone watch Rob & Amber Get Married last night? I thought it was great! Call me crazy, but yes I cried even watching them get married and prepare for their wedding. I love weddings.

-alright, you caught me. I, somewhat hesitantly, watched the Kevin & Britney: Chaotic show last night too. not sure what i 'm thinking yet, other than the fact that her concert looks basically like the red light district in amsterdam came to life in america...just under another name.

-i'm thinking about trying to finally discipline and organize myself into making lots of lists: lists of books i want to read this summer, things i want to do, organize my financial life (if possible since there isn't much there to manage), etc. i just feel like i get lazy really easily and i don't want to be.

-there are several country songs that keep making me laugh. country music can be so simple, yet there are so many facets. I cannot stand that song "If heaven" simply because there is a line in it that says this: "If heaven was a pie it would be cherry." Are you kidding me? Did Andy Griggs really struggle for words that bad?

-On the other hand, I absolutely love Joe Nichols' song "What's a Guy Gotta do to get a Girl in this Town?" and especially the line that says this: "Had an old man tell me, 'boy if you were smart, you'd hit the produce aisle at the super wal-mart.' So I bumped into a pretty girl's shoppin' cart and all I did was break her eggs and bruise her artichoke hearts..." I love it!

-while we're on the music train of thought, I'm tryin' to figure out some hip hop song that I like but don't know any words other than the part that goes "baby baby!" and that's my favorite part to sing. wish i knew what song that was...if ya'll know by those two words please let me know! it's driving me nuts!

-i'm finally gettin' closer to my trips to CO and GA this summer! And Becka gets to go w/ me to GA for CIY! Yay! I need to get on ordering my plane tickets to Colorado soon though...

-well i'm sure i'll be bloggin' more soon b/c it's quite boring in the office, and now that kate'll be'll be quite different!

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