Friday, May 27, 2005

i've still got a lot of leavin' left to do

(you know i had to use some dierks bentley on here)

in the theme of leavin', here are my out-of-state trips planned for the summer:

1. CIY in Durango, CO
2. L.A. & Randall's wedding in Knoxville, TN
3. CIY in Savannah, GA (straight from Knoxville)
4. hopefully a road trip to Nashville some weekend?

My wish list for future vaca's:
1. Cali - to hang out w/ Becka, among others
2. another trip to San Antonio
3. NYC if Faith moves out there
4. Italy
5. London again
6. and of course, anywhere tropical

that's no big deal, right?



Adam said...

I envy your travels. I need to travel desperately.

Lindy said...

Me too. Normally when I travel I want to be culturally involved with my location. I research the place beforehand so I know what is at my disposal. However, my obsession as of late is Bora Bora in the Tahitian islands. Google it, you will not be disappointed.

Mandy said...

i hope you both get to do some bit of traveling this summer. without it i'd be lost.

lindy--i did look up bora bora yesterday for a brief moment. i can't spend too much time looking at it or i'm tempted to rack up my credit card and disappear.

Lindy said...

I checked ticket prices last week. If I wanted to go there March of 2006, it would be $947 for the flight alone. I'll just keep whisking those dreams under my hat with the other ones...

Mandy said...

dang! yeah i guess i wouldn't be TOO tempted to put it on the card then. there's no way i'd pay that much unless it were my honeymoon or something. or if i made lots of money. (hahaha. that's funny, considering you know where i work.)