Wednesday, June 01, 2005

capture me

Summer gets boring when you live by yourself. and you're broke.

For everyone else summer is so busy and people have things to do everywhere they go...but it is not the case for me.

Or else I just get bored too easily. That is probably, most likely, the truth. Let me check...yep! it is. I get bored quite easily.

I get bored with watching TV for hours, and I get bored after a chapter or two of reading. I have to multitask, so usually I'm eating something at the same time. I think I need to simplify myself or find other ways to spend my time wisely.

Sometimes I dread the weeknights when I have nothing planned or my Fridays off work in the summer if there's nothing to do. What should I do w/ all of this time?

someone capture me...

like i did last year, i plan on making a list of things i want to do--simple or adventurous--throughout the summer. any ideas?


Anonymous said...

take up an outdoor sport, biking, running, swimming, get people together for ultimate frisbee, plan a weekend a month where you go on a short road trip and visit friends..... join a gym with a climbing wall... and learn how to... and then head to Missouri... or wherever for the real thing. the possibilities are endless... be adventurous..
and do things alone.. (you always end up meeting new people that you wouldn't if you had friends with you as a safety net) volunteer at a soup kitchen one night a week.. or become a big brother/big sister..... pick up an instrument....

Mandy said...

first of all, thanks for the comments. I do have a few responses to some of them: #1 - i'm not an athlete and a climbing wall doesn't sound like a good time to me...i don't enjoy running, don't have anywhere to store my bike, etc. #2 - I do love to do things alone and meet new people. I would love to volunteer at a soup kitchen or something...checking into that, and have been wanting to pick up guitar, but i'm left-handed and would need to own one first.

Second thing--do I know you? I'm just curious who you are. My guess, from your ideas, is that you're a guy. and also that if you know me, you don't know me really well (just from some of the ideas...not really me.)

Anywho, thanks so much for the input!

Keep it comin' folks! I love new ideas!

Lindy said...

1. Where are your roommates?

2. Quite honestly, Lincoln is limited unless you get creative. Often times the only thing Nikki and I would do is ride our bikes everywhere we went...we'd go on adventures and try to find cool little places in Lincoln that no one else was aware of. When I lived with Cara, we had special date nights that we would do something unusual...whether ordering pizza from the hot pizza guy or harassing Briznasty. The summer I lived with Chelsea, we were constantly having people over for cookouts, playing frisbee in the park, having jam sessions (I'm not musically gifted so I listened or sang along), playing games, or taking walks to get ice cream. The key was finding out who was left in town for the summer. People I never would have guessed I'd get along with would suddenly become great friends because we had "it" in common.

3. I hate running too.

4. You could always find out if anyone needs a housesitter during their vacations (I did that for the Ewalds/Kurkas several times.)

5. The Kurkas have an in-ground pool. Talk to Bev in the Appel Building, they're bound to let you and whoever play!

6. I always enjoyed sitting in the front window of my apt and throwing water on people as they walked into Einsteins.

Lindy said...

Oh, another great idea...

7. Casually date someone so he can spend the money. Then you could go mini-golfing, bowling, drive-in (one in Gibson City, I think), biking...everything is sweeter if you have someone with you.

Mandy said...

Lindy - I love your ideas. They sound like SUCH a blast! I will work on those. Especially the whole pouring water on people one...but i'd be afraid to do that on my own. I'll wait till Heidi moves in.

Right now I don't have a roommate, but Heidi is moving in w/ me in July. We might actually be moving to your old's opening up next month and i think i might like it better than #2.

Lindy said...

You will like it much better than #2. Chels and I were in 2 for a few months and I liked the front apt so much better. It's airy. I like that. There are big windows too. And you can see across most of downtown. Hmm...I miss it.

Lucas said...

I'm still laughing that one of the options was "casually date" someone. When in doubt... get a boy toy.

Personally, I hear you Mandy. I'm bored off my rocker.

Mandy said...

yeah you gotta love the hilarity of "casual dating." does that actually happen in lincoln though? i sure never have. and who on earth would i find to "casually date" right now? no prospects here. check.

Lindy said...

Move to New England. There are plenty of men who would casually date you. They're all afraid of commitment, so there's nothing to worry about.

Lindy said... maybe the only difference is that there are more to choose from.