Saturday, June 04, 2005

how am i doin?

i'm doin' fine now that i got to see Dierks Bentley last night! it was a good time, except for the fact that we had to stand there for 3 hours before he even came on stage, but hey...i didn't pay a dime for the ticket, thanks to aubs' friend holly's hookup at the radio station.

as soon as i get the chance, i'll be sure to post pictures of the hottie on my blog. i think i took about 50 pictures total, but only about 5 turned out decent. i hate my slow camera and the fact that i can't take a picture that's in motion as well as in a dark place at the same time. i tried real hard to get a nice butt shot of dierks, but you have to zoom in...oh well.


that was my night last night. today? nice afternoon of laying out. it was beautiful. yet to come? hanging out w/ people from Fuel @ the "invite weekend" events.

how are you doin', now that you know how i'm doin'?

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