Monday, June 13, 2005

does anyone hear a comeback album?


So, who wants to begin the conversation about MJ's breaking news of freedom?

I still can't believe all 10 counts were found not guilty...I didn't pay much attention to the whole trial, I'll be honest, but I still don't think he should be free on all 10 counts. I'm pretty sure that either way his life will still be a living hell from now on, at least mentally. Even if he did do it, I still feel bad for him (i'm way too merciful sometimes I think) b/c of all the mental issues he'll have. Looks like he won't be leaving Neverland very often...


Joolz--I would totally love to hear your opinion since you're a lawyer and all!


jamie said...

Yay, I found your blog! I tried to google you to no avail.

Anyway, re: MJ: I have no words. I am seriously in shock.

It was so nice to meet you! I wish we could have hung out longer/more. I love you guys and I barely know you. Is that so wrong?!

Adam said...

I don't think it is a shocker. MJ has some very good witnesses and had a lot in his favor. His case was stronger than most people know (Largely due to stupid media, ah yes the influence of the media). Doesn't really matter if he is guilty or not. He is guilty by popular media which was the second courtroom except we didn't get anything from the prime resource.

Also the prosecuter's witnesses couldn't get their story right and the witnesses got picked apart by the defence. I didn't think he was going to get a guilty verdict.

joolz said...

This is the justice system, flawed though it may be. It surprises me that the jurors (from the interviews I've watched) said they thought he did it, but there wasn't enough evidence in this particular case to convict & they didn't totally believe the accuser's mom.

It just goes to show, as it has a million times before, that personality and humanity has its place on the stand and in court. It's not necessarily right, but I think as humans & jurors we are often affected by the persona of a particular person, especially one who is set forth as important to the case. It came down to credibility, and despite the evidence to the contrary, they did not believe the mother.

That said, prepare for the civil suit, where the burden of proof is lower and he will certainly be financially liable. That's why (cynicism ahead) all the press reports right now are about how broke he is.

And, cue my longest comment ever. That's a wrap, folks.

Lindy said...

I cannot say whether he was guilty or not as I did not listen to the case, but here is my concern about any sex offender: They NEVER stop. I have yet to hear a case of a one time sex offender. So, in the event that he did in fact hurt these children, the court just gave him permission to do it again. I'm sure that some counts were bogus, but I have a hard time believing that his actions at Neverland are innocent. It's just backwards...creepy... What mother in her right mind would put her child in such a position?

prosario_2000 said...

Well, he was found not-guilty on all 10 accusations because the state attourneys didn't do a good job presenting their case. They even presented witnesses who offered testimony that were completely denied and demystified by some of the supposed children. I think that the key-point of the decision for the jury was the mother, she was simply not believable, and after questions made by the defense, apparently it looked like she was in the whole thing for the money.

Of course, you are guilty if you did it, not necessarily if you are a freak show. I don't know exactly if MJ did it or not. However, I hope this teaches him a lesson so that he changes his lifestyle, and stops being a glorification for freakness.

Mandy said...

I love everyone's comments on this...and I wish I'd have watched it a whole lot more.

so how about that comeback album? what will the title track be?

i had to laugh when i heard "Smooth Criminal" on the radio the other day. you know those dj's have a good sense of humor.