Thursday, June 16, 2005

oh just some random decisions

Still deciding ~ if I like routine or not. Most of the time I like to have variation, but w/ some things routine would be nice...I think I'm just hard to please. I want the best of both worlds. How can I have constant variation, but in some sort of organized way?

decided ~ that I am going line dancing tonight w/ some friends, no matter what you may think.

Still deciding ~ what shoes I should wear line dancing. I gotta get me some good cowboy boots.

Still deciding ~ what kind of job I might want in a year or so.

decided ~ that I still really want to work for CIY someday. especially after visiting Anderson the other night, and I know I'll say it a million more times after I go to Colorado and Georgia for two weeks of conferences. Why do I love their ministry so much? I have no idea...probably b/c of the impact it had on my life.

decided ~ my summer is going to be wonderful. I have the company of 3 great books that finally came in yesterday (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Plan B (Anne Lamott), and Perspectives (by Colin Creel)). And, I have a roommate moving in in a month. And, I get to travel soon and very soon. And, I'll have my Fridays off. And, I can go to the pool for 50 cents on those fridays from 11-1. And, I love warm weather. And, I love the smell. And, I can wear skirts and flip flops every day if I want to.

still deciding ~ what in the world to pack for Colorado in a week and a half...

decided ~ that Launchcast is kind of ridiculous. I've overused it, apparently, b/c I now will have limited usage for the rest of this month...which means no song skipping, no rating songs, and no listening to my personalized station. hey Launchcast, way to make me feel like a 6 year old kid being punished for something stupid! I'm now punishing you back and refusing to listen to you. Like I really want to listen to crap music that I can't skip or rate or personalize. Thanks, but no thanks. I'll be back in July.

still deciding ~ whether I'm lazy or just too forgetful of what I need to be doing all the time.

decided ~ that I should probably take the last 8 minutes of work to get something important done. (hm...does this relate to my prior item in this list? yes. yes it does. )


prosario_2000 said...

Dear Mandy:

You decided: "that I am going line dancing tonight w/ some friends, no matter what you may think." Does someone think that it is wrong for you to do that?... I think that's fantastic!

About being lazy or just forgetful. For some reason, I find myself in the same dilemma quite often... :P

joolz said...

I may or may not have bought the second Pants book right after I sawthemovie. shhhh.

Unrelated: my parents saw the movie and loved it, but my dad keeps referring to it as "that movie about moving pants, or sharing pants, or something pants." He is so adorably clueless.