Tuesday, June 07, 2005

lots of music in my head

I love that I can sit and listen to Launchcast Radio on my computer while I'm here at my desk. I'm finding out all the cool things I can do with it, like choose my favorite artists (such as my flavor of the week: Dierks) and play stations of their fans' so the music is all similar. Unfortunately, it is frustrating right now b/c the player is messed up and I no longer can rate the songs or artists, but at least I can still listen!

The other night I came home from Fuel and was writing in my journal and a really old school song popped into my head: "Sweet Days of Grace" by Cindy Morgan. What? Yes, I said Cindy Morgan. Then I continued to search for my Cindy Morgan: The Best So Far CD. (i have no idea how she accumulated enough songs for a Best Of, but she did...) Upon finding it, I discovered that there are approximately 4 songs of hers that I still love, as cheesy as you may say they are:
1. Sweet Days of Grace
2. How Could I Ask For More
3. I'll Stand
4. Praise the King

And then today, over my lunch break, I heard some oldies but goodies:
  • I'll Make Love To You, Boyz II Men
  • Quit Playin' Games With My Heart, Backstreet Boys
  • some song that involves the lyrics "something something wishing well...kiss and tell..." (let's just say there's a reason why that song was left in the '80s...i turned it quickly. yuck. i hate crappy old songs like that one.)
That's all I remember.

In other news, I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow. I'm excited about that! This mane is way too long for this summer heat and humidity. Straight hair doesn't hold a chance with me these days...it's all scrunch 'n go.

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