Tuesday, July 19, 2005

random road trip & CIY pics

it was kinda fun to see palm trees out the window from our dorm room in savannah! definitely not somethin i'd ever see at lcc!
Before we left Knoxville for Savannah, Becka had a hankerin' for a lotto ticket and won $10. She's nuts.
Becka wanted to stop at a "hick festival," otherwise known as a flea market. So we did. And we took this picture w/ this giant bear. I still can't believe people shop at those places for real. They have anything from decorative toilet seat covers to mailboxes to dented cans of soup to all kinds of leather goods, and much much more. We laughed a lot.
if only you could see Drew wearing this up close, it would be a whole lot funnier. This is before all of the CIY staff & Bible College teams went on stage to dance around and look stupid during the Happy Song. Yes, we digressed to junior high. But at least Becka and I got to wear the sombreros finally! And I wish you could see Drew's Renaissance Man act.
awww...old roomies. Becka and Rachel. Two of my most favorite fun people!
Krista didn't know she was going to get to go to CIY in Georgia with us! I wish we would have carried her posted all through the city to take pictures, but it was just too darn big!
I always wanted to visit Nashville, so we stopped there on our way back from Georgia. It was cool, but not as cool as I thought it was going to be. Maybe b/c we weren't really doing anything. Had we stopped at any of the cool music places or clubs, I'd have probably loved it. Instead, we just took a picture by this giant guitar. We were too tired for clubbin'.

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