Tuesday, July 19, 2005

the Tonini wedding

well, here's the 3 single BCG's that are left after L.A.'s wedding! Me, Becka, and Faith!
me & Laura Ashely
Laura Ashely & Randall's first dance....
and again, their first dance, in color...so you can see the gardens where the reception was. It was absolutely gorgeous. It was at this historic home in Knoxville, and the backyard is 9 levels of gardens & fountains that lead down to the river. this was only level 2.
whenever we're together we always take a "Satellite" picture. it's just our classic pose. all the BCG's together again just makes me smile :-)
isn't this just presh? the BCG cocktail table pic.
me and the 12-year-old violinist John, whom Becka tried to convince to ask me to dance. He was the weirdest kid on earth. I also received a phone call from him the next day, thanks to Becka giving him my number. Just kidding! It was Abbra's husband Mike pretending to be him. He got me though!
awww, the Weber's! that's a sweet face josh is making.
me and Krista before doing the photo guestbook
Abbra & Mike, the new parents-to-be!!!
this picture cracks me up...i have no idea what abbra is doing but she's cracking everyone else up too!
just doin' some dancin'...
and the happy couple dances again :-)

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Lindy said...

Is Dweeb really doing the Q-Tip dance in that picture?