Tuesday, July 19, 2005


In case you didn't already know, Becka named our road trip "Sojourn '05." And of course, we had to make t-shirts at the end of our trip. We stopped in Carbondale to visit friends at the CIY at SIU, and while they were in a meeting we made out iron-on Sojourn shirts. i'm really loving the name more and more. At first I thought Becka was crazy, but I think it appropriately fits our "journey across the land."

And now, ladies & gentlemen, prepare yourselves for what you're about to see below. It is the new, the ugly-yet-still-growing-on-me LCC Scion. Yep. We had to drive this clown car across the country. And fear not, if you can't catch what it says on one side, it's painted on all sides as well. The website, the 800-number, it's all there. I'm not a fan, but some love it. It's funny when you're on the inside and you forget what it looks like on the outside and count how many people stare and do double-takes or roll over in laughter while they're driving and trying to figure out what the crap is driving past them. It is an adventure. It's quite spacious inside, I'll admit. And it's comfortable. But that still wouldn't make me buy one. Ever.

Oh, and we named it Simon. Simon the Scion. It's just easier. This picture happens to be w/ us and Simon at CCU (Cincinnati Christian University, aka CBC). Simon also visited JBC (Johnson Bible College) along the way too. He gets around.


jackaway said...

sounds like you are having a fun summer. just saying hello from africa. you were right...doug welk is a pretty cool guy. glad to hear you are getting closer to the Scion> i was so glad you and he took me up to chicago. blessings.

Lindy said...

Yeah, I will admit that I died laughing when I saw Simon's picture in the latest Restorer. this beats the Pope mobile by a long shot.