Thursday, July 21, 2005

so you think you can dance?

yep. I do. at least compared to some of those yahoos on the show last night.

however, compared to others, i must say, i'd probably suck. there is some darn good talent out there in the dance world. and all kinds of it.

as i watched last night i'm so glad i didn't seriously consider majoring in Dance in college. It was such a huge part of my life in high school as a "Streatorette" that I thought life was over when Streatorettes was. before I had chosen to come to LCC I had big dreams of trying out for a college or university dance team, but i'm so glad i didn't do that! i wouldn't have made it, and if i did, it would have only been for extracurricular. note: i'm not saying these things for self-pity or anything, it's just plain and simple truth. i'd never make it as a dancer. maybe to the IDTA (IL Drill Team Assoc.) State Championships, but not much farther. but i do still love to dance it up in my living room all the time!

and now back to the show...

-the boy from East St. Louis who was wearing the pink shirt. absolutely great.
-Moosa Cooper (or whatever his name was)--the street dancer from NY
-the girl who was a daycare teacher or something and was maybe going to Beijing?
-the bigger black boy who could actually dance. prove those skinny kids wrong, boy!

-Isis, the ginormous-breasted belly dancer. sick. gross.
-that girl in Chicago who also made it on American Idol. can we say annoying? dying for attention?
-the guys who painted themselves silver...interesting, but is that really dance? do you really think they'll be able to merengue?

that's all I can think of off the top of my head. Let's converse, shall we?
What are your thoughts?

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