Friday, July 22, 2005

on the road again...

so, i'm a wanderer apparently! a nomad, if you will. i'm always on the road.

i leave in about 10 minutes for Carbondale to go to CIY @ SIU for the next week. It was a last-minute deal to get to go, so I'm super excited. It's going to be freaking HOT though!

Anyways, I'll be gone from the blogging world for another 9 days or so, unless I find a computer there to use! Have a great rest of July everyone!

peace out.

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Kunjali said...

i get awfully upset when you don't update for a while. it's like, "where's mandy? i miss her and her colors. i wonder what color flip-flops she is wearing?" in s-town till about aug. 8, shout a holla baby. miss you.