Monday, August 01, 2005


Hello all! I'm back again. This time from CIY @ SIU in Carbondale. it was great fun. as to be expected.

so now, time to get filled in like a jelly donut, ya'll.
here's the latest, along w/ some pics:

-I got my hair cut. Very rarely will I straighten it now until I get a ceramic straightener.

-I am obsessed w/ Vietnamese Coffee from a hippie coffee shop in Carbondale. Best $3.50 ever spent. three times. maybe.

-also obsessed w/ a Thai restaurant in Carbondale. who'd have thought carbondale might have good places to go such as these?

-my summer feels like it's over, which is sad, but i'm excited for the next month to go by quickly so i can find out a few things that may give me some direction

-I got my Pampered Chef stuff better believe I'll be cookin' it up trying to experiment in the kitchen. what should i make?

-I bought two of the cutest shirts ever last week @ the Gap for $5 and $7 apiece. I look forward to wearing them.

-I'm digging into Anne Lamott's Plan B. so far so good.

-also loving Parker Palmer's Let Your Life Speak. it's right where i'm at.

-on the docket: spa day w/ mom & cory this saturday. manis/pedis @ 8:00 a.m. yay!

-i think it's weird to call them manis & pedis, as i told my sister today in an email. but i have no problem calling donuts "doneys." that's my favorite word i think.

-Jon Weece might be one of the most effective preachers I've heard for quite some time.

(below left) - me & Rachel from CCU--i think we're long-lost friends. we were roomies this week @ SIU.

my new favorite picture...from one of my favorite places. the steps of Shryock Auditorium @ SIU. why? lots of memories being the thursday night concert that was held there one night 6 years ago while we had Celebration inside. When we came outside the campus was pretty much trashed like some big frat kegger was just held there and that's how I decided to come to LCC. long story made short.

above left: the biggest CIY yet. it was pretty cool.
above right: the toughest girls you'll ever find in a water-gun Capture the Flag game.
below: Nicola, Rachel, and I after our new haircuts. Isn't this presh?

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