Tuesday, August 02, 2005

stupid mistakes

Ok so I made like the dumbest mistake in the entire world, and I'm REALLY sorry for it. Don't you hate when you do something, not really thinking it will be a big deal, and then later on it becomes this big issue that really shouldn't be a big issue? Maybe I should have been smarter to begin with...

gosh I hate how guilty I feel after doing something dumb. it's no wonder i'm like one of the most cautious people you'll ever meet. i'm not very risky or fearless to begin with, and the one time I do something that isn't even really in that category, I face the guilt of it.

So, I'm an idiot. But we all are at some point or another, right?


Kunjali said...

whee! you're back! i've missed you! p-town in two weeks, i will shout a holla. love you forever and ever.

Adam said...

"I will shout a holla"???

Ah yes working with people allows for too many mistakes.