Thursday, August 04, 2005

comments on strange things and also "So You Think You Can Dance?"

-Is it weird that Cruel Intentions was playing on ABC Family last night? I love the movie and all, but does it really belong on a family channel?

-My mom had to call me back last night after she was driving to Kroger and one of the guys she works with saw her and had her pull over b/c there was a drunk guy laying in the ditch b/c he tried to ride his bike carrying a 12-pack of beers with him. apparently he tried to drink 6 of them to lighten his load, but it didn't work so well. so, he ended up in the ditch. weird. that's not a normal occurrence on the way to get groceries!

-Is it strange that Martha Stewart's punishment is home confinement? That's like her favorite place to be! I still just don't get it!

-I woke up to stormy weather this morning...storms are always weird to me when they happen in the morning. I prefer nighttime storms.

-Whoever lives next to me now (new neighbors) has two cats in their apartment...which is not allowed. However, the landlord knows about it and it happened to be a miscommunication before they signed the lease. Anyways, I hate cats big time. And I'm allergic to them. Last night my eyes were itching really bad in my apartment. Is it possible that the cat dander (a.k.a. nastiness?) floated over to my apartment through the doors? Just wondering. I cringed this morning when I heard them meowing. Sick. Our apartment building is going to turn from cool-coffee-shop-loft-living to old- lady-with-500- cats-living.

-I found the local TV channel last night on TV and behold--it was the Logan County Fair Queen pageant. Much to my surprise, these girls actually still participated in a pageant that has a swimsuit category! And I can't believe the judges made them turn 1/4 turn to the right and left. I'm sorry...isn't that degrading? Let me compare what your butt looks like to the girl next to yours...

-I have a new roommate, but I haven't lived w/ her yet. (Heidi) She's at CIY this week sponsoring her youth group.

"So You Think You Can Dance?"
-Yes, apparently they do. I'm SO glad they cut out those freaks who couldn't dance and thought they were amazing.

-Now the next to be cut? Blake McGrath. Please go home. You're cocky and you already have a dance career. Plus, you bashed the hot judge and said you were better than him. Plus, you were already featured in Dance Spirit magazine. Get over yourself. Goodbye.

-Dan Karaty, one of the choreographers/judges, is actually pretty dang hot. I hope he's straight.

-I really really really want to take a hip-hop class and a salsa class. Why in the world aren't these offered more? I guess I need to live in a city.


Luke said...

I'm allergic to cats, too, but I don't HATE them. Jerk. ;)

Do you have central air in your apartment? You could be sharing the ventilation with the cats.

Mandy said...

dude i'm not a jerk! cats are mean!

and yes, the central air is probably the problem. that is it!

Luke said...

Although I do prefer dogs, I don't think that cats are mean. I think that they're just misunderstood. Heh heh.

Kunjali said...

the people moving in two houses down are bringing 14 cats. the five kids aren't enough to keep them busy either. good luck selling that house later.

Mandy said...

holy mother of pearl! 14 cats? that's gotta be a freaking nightmare! i think if i ever came near that house i'd run to somewhere far far away. don't you think w/ 14 cats they'd be pretty angry w/ people since they're all vying for attention? sick!

luke, i totally prefer dogs. and i STILL think cats are mean. kittens? they're more innocent and nice. however, cats are like old grumpy ladies. hm...makes sense that they all usually live together...

jackaway said...

so i hate cats too. not because i am allergic...but b/c my grandma had like a hundred of them all over her house and i just have always thought they were gross and nasty. anyway, i told my group leader in africa about my hatred of cats...the next place we stayed at had cats and he let them sleep in our room. i hate cats more now.

joolz said...

"I hate cats big time."

I love you.

This one time I got a shirt in the mail from Leanne that said "it's okay to hate cats." It was a banner mail day.

Also, you know I'm with you on the dancing stuff.

Don't listen to Luke. Cats are not misunderstood, they're the jerks, not you.

Anonymous said...

Oh Mandy, I beg to differ. Cats are one of the best things ever created. Lilly is the sweetest creature ever. We are currently sitting out on our balcony in our camping chairs enjoying the steamy hot weather.

Some people do have some issues. They keep taking in cats as if they were a new shirt. They need control. They also ruin it for the rest of the cat world.


Mandy said...

hahahahaha. oh melissa you're so darn funny!

of course you love your little lilly when your eyes don't swell up like softballs and itch like poison ivy causing you to sneeze and have a cold for a month after you pet her. (ok, i exaggerated a little, but still!)

maybe if i didn't have allergies, it might be different. maybe.

(but i still think they're mean!)