Monday, August 08, 2005

me and morning

It's a love/hate relationship we have. When the alarm clock/radio comes on, the second alarm buzzes, and the third alarm on my cell phone goes off, the waking process begins. These are the moments I hate most. Very little can entice me out of hitting the snooze button every morning. When you sleep in a really comfortable bed with several pillows in a dark room that has no windows, it is extremely hard to get up in the morning. This is my daily struggle.

I force myself out of bed, at least 30 min. after the snoozing began, and head to the shower for the real wake-up call. After the shower I'm finally awake and have come to terms with the day. Morning has won me over, though I'm still somewhat reluctant and secretly wish to crawl back under the covers. Nevertheless, I carry on with the decisions of the morning: what to wear, whether to scrunch my hair or straighten it, what to take w/ me for breakfast, black or brown eyeliner, etc. (you know, the important stuff!) All the while, I have the 104.5, Springfield's country station, playing, and it's almost daily that I'll get frustrated w/ one of the annoying DJ's or an overplayed song and turn it off. And then, with about negative 5 min. to spare, I head off to work.

One of my favorite parts of the day, however, is the few seconds that I'm outside between my apartment and my car, my car and the office. I love the sunlight in the morning. I love the fresh, crisp air that awakens me and makes me think, "Gosh, I wish I would've been up earlier to enjoy this!" I love the quiet sound of the whole world waking up. I love the smell. I think these are God's whispers.

These are the moments I wish I had more of, but I don't know how to get them. I would wake up much easier if there was sunlight pouring in the windows or if there was someone else waking up with me. Though I know that hitting the snooze button makes you more tired, I can't get enough of it. I'm going to slowly wean myself off of it, if at all possible.

And then I get to work, where usually I start my day w/ about 15 min. of checking my email and hopefully finding a treasure of a real message in the midst of all the junk mail. And usually, a few minutes of reading the blogs of a few who inspire me, make me laugh, or who I just want to catch up with. And I turn on my music and jump into the day...

Today, I threw in a Caramel Hazelnut coffee from Einstein's, just to do something different. I like to throw myself off some morning just by going out of order, breaking free from any routine, but it's hard to do. Sometimes routine is just what I need.

That's the story of me and morning. Sometimes it's a different story, but that's how you'll see it on most days. Like I said, it's a love/hate relationship. In this very moment, I'm loving it.

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Luke said...

I totally understand this one. The worst part of my day is those first waking moments. I struggle so much with that. However, it can be a good thing, because the day only gets better from there.