Thursday, August 25, 2005

some of the things floating around in my head

--anxiously awaiting: seeing bethany dillon tomorrow night in indy, getting a massage at the spa in bloomington saturday, the matt wertz concert on the 15th here @ the warehouse

--nervous about: above stated massage @ the spa--thanks to my sister booking it w/ the guy masseuse. might be a little more awkward than relaxing.

--energized: by the new freshmen still...i love hanging out w/ them! they are so much fun!

--tired: somewhat ironically, b/c I was out so late (till 12--two hours past my bedtime!!!) hanging out w/ students @ the bonfire after Focus last night

--looking fwd to: sleeping in tomorrow, thanks to the 4 hours of vacation i'm taking and the afternoon Lynn gave us off!

--reminiscing: on all the memories from freshmen year, i miss it! in an email to rach i just realized something...I think freshman year is so exciting because you can be whoever you want to be, because it's new, and it doesn't matter! Then later on we start to trick ourselves into thinking we have to have it all figured out, when we really don't have to. i'm going to be a freshman again...mentally. well, sometimes. not all the time.

--annoyed: w/ certain celebrities...Gwen Stefani--i know you're boycotting the VMA's b/c you weren't invited to perform. Well, get over it. It's probably because you ruined your chances by that hideous outfit you wore on the Teen Choice Awards, and because you pretty much yell in your songs now instead of singing. Snoop dogg--i know you think you're cool and still wanted b/c you're on some Chrysler commercial (or some make of car) w/ your -izzle lingo. I'm pretty sure that whole dizzle has fizzled. for shizzle.

--loving making fun of: Snow on So You Think You Can Dance? can you really call that dancing? I think it looks more like frolicking. I really wish I could videotape myself imitating her in my living room and attach it to this post, but no such luck. if you see me soon, ask me and i'll do it. she looks like a freak. and also, sidenote on the show, i'm super annoyed w/ the host Lauren and the idiot audience that hollers at every true statement the judges say. i hate it when people who don't know how to dance get mad at the judges (who DO) for making honest judgments. ugh.

--still crushing: on dan karaty, hot judge on above-stated show.

--currently: listening to rascal flatts, awaiting the next 28 minutes to go by quickly, and looking fwd to chilling out on a rainy gray day. i think i'll rent a movie. hm...what will i get?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mandy,
I stumbled across your blog the other day and it is very good. I was wondering if you could do a review of the new Bethany Dillon CD. I heard her old one for the first time when I was in MT last week and really enjoyed it.

I laughed really hard about your description of Snow. Edwin and I were watching the show Wed. night and we were making so much fun....


P.S. I too love the Traveling Pants books, and I am not ashamed to admit it:)