Thursday, September 22, 2005

the birthday blogger

So yesterday was a GREAT birthday! And the celebration isn't even over yet, b/c I get to hang out w/ my fam this weekend too!

I was trying to think of what I've learned most in 23 years yesterday, and the thing I kept coming up with is just this: I'm so blessed. I've always been blessed, even when I might not have recognized it. There is so much to be thankful for, and I definitely recognize that. Yesterday was just a good day. Even if I did have a cold and a horrible headache and had to come to work.

As for today, I will soon be sending Joolz & Jamie my weekly e-mail comments on So You Think You Can Dance. If any of you would like to join that list, I'll be glad to send those your way as well. However, I'll refrain from my posted comments other than saying Nick & Ashle need to win. That's all I'll say.

And I'm off to get my Caramel Macchiato for the day.


Adam said...

you are blessed, you say, "I am going to get my carmel Macciado" err however you spell that

Lucas said...

I think if I've learned anything in 24 years it would be that I could have saved 40,000 dollars if I would have just read more and not have gone to college... and that coffee is gross.

Happy Birthday Mandy!

Allison said...

It was so good to spend your birthday with you. I miss ya girl! Good to know you enjoyed it. Next, year I promise to bake you a chocolate cake instead of white!

joolz said...

Happy birthday, Mandy! I'm so glad it was wonderful!

prosario_2000 said...

Sorry for being late :S but happy birthday to you. I hope everything will be well for you always. :-)