Monday, September 19, 2005

birthday week!

Well it's officially birthday week. I'm ready to be 23 already. 22 is boring. (i know, 23 is still young, but 22 is just a boring number.)

This weekend, I...

~got a cold. :-(

~cooked out @ Miller Park w/ Heidi, Missy, & Jake

~took some pics @ Miller Park (soon to be posted if they turn out okay)

~listened to this girl, Laurianne Cates, who Matt Wertz & Rob Blackledge talked about at dinner the other night. go to the link, scroll down, and listen to the song "The Kiss." absolutely beautiful. It was inspired by the painting "The Kiss." I can't stop listening to it. the link isn't to her official site, but it's the only place i could find that song.

~just realized Missy Higgins is on tour w/ Jason Mraz, and they're in St. Louis and Chicago soon...i really wanna go now.

~played Dr. Mario @ Missy & Jake's. GREAT game.

~played w/ my niece a whole lot and ate a yummy meal and chocolate cake that my sis made.


Adam said...

Wait till you get to 24 your like holy crap I am 24

Lucas said...

Yeah, be careful what you wish for. I'll be 25 next year. 25!!! "Oh 22 is so boring..." Don't sqwander it. Before long you'll be going to bed at 10:30 and all the kids you used to babysit are in college.

I need a drink.

Mandy said...

trust me, i ALREADY go to bed @ 10:30 and I have seen kids I used to babysit who are now in college.

and at 22, not 25!

yes, get me a drink as well.