Friday, September 16, 2005

we'll be fine just like the last time baby


though yesterday's post was a valid post written out of my stress level at that moment, it was well worth it last night.

Ya'll know I talk about Matt Wertz all the time on here, and that's b/c he's great. Or at least I, and a lot of other people, think so. He played last night at LCC along w/ Rob Blackledge. Both of these guys are extremely talented...and quite hilarious I might add.

Kate, Chels, and I took them out for dinner @ Guzzardo's and pretty much laughed a majority of the time, but we had some really good conversation. It was so refreshing to hang out w/ them just as normal guys, just as much as it was nice for them probably to just hang out w/ us as normal people instead of like some crazy psycho fans or something. It was fun to pack up in my Ford Focus and show 'em a bit of Lincoln. and the coolest thing about them is that they're pretty much the most humble people ever. they just love to play music.

Anyways, I'm just sayin'...last night was so worth everything put into it. I love those guys, and I hope you will too. If you haven't heard them before, check them out. and wish you could've been here last night if you weren't, b/c you missed out on good times!


Dustin said...

that's cool, sounds like a fun time!
It's always refreshing to find out an artist you like is not a jerk!

I can't believe Denison Witmer is going to be there! AHHHHHHHHH. I'm so freaking jealous. How did that happen? Where is he playing? What is the date? Dang it. Why didn't we have anyone like that when I was there???? We had the Mike Metzger Transit! Dang it.

Mandy said...

it was so fun dustin! it's great to just realize that every artist is just a normal, real, tangible person. it's especially great when you realize it and they actually ACT like that too.

I figured you'd be excited about Denison coming! Anathallo is opening. I can't remember what the date is...maybe the 19th of october? 17th? 16th? i'm not sure. It's in the Warehouse where he had last night's show. Nate kinda hooked that one up...following Calvin College's concert route sort of. seriously, i never went to those Mike Metzger kinda things. I'm so glad things are moving up in the world here!