Monday, September 12, 2005

this is pretty funny

I have a friend, whom some of you may know--Amanda Cole, who is interning/working @ Southeast Christian Church in Louisville right now. If you don't know, Southeast is this huge, ginormous church in Kentucky. Anyways, below is an email Amanda sent me this morning:

So I thought you would enjoy this story. The guys in my office just told me that this weekend a woman at the welcome center gave a tour of the building to this black guy and his big black friend, he wanted to see the church, the soundboard, the whole place you know. He kept asking her if she was into rap music and what she liked to listen to as far as music goes. She said she didn’t really care for rap. So at the end of the tour they shook hands and he told her his name was NELLY! She had no idea who he was……until she got home and told her husband about it. Hilarious! Nelly was here at Southeast and no one even knew!!!
Just a little fun to brighten your day,

I'm wondering if he wanted to do a special music or something? Maybe he could do "It's Gettin' Hot in Here" as some kind of representation of hell? asd;lkjweproij


rachel said...

so mand..i was reading your blog and i figured out that adam is adam hughes...i haven't seen him in so long. how funny is that. ne nelly was at southeast. i have so many good things about that church i have another reason to check it out..nelly has been there. well, talk to ya later..enjoy the oc :( so jealous you get to watch that show. the only thing i can watch is oprah and they show the same episode over and over. they have shown the episode with the author of "He's just not that into you" about 20 times. good times. love, rachel

Melissa said...

How funny is that! I can't help but wonder what his intentions were as he went for the visit??
He would do a great job singing the song, "Breathe." Maybe he will come back!!!

Mandy said...

I'm so glad you realized it was Adam! aw, i'm sorry you have to keep watching the same ol' Oprah again and again! wish you could see my weekly lineup of shows. i can't wait till they all get started! i can fill you in weekly on the oc if you'd like! let me know! haha. well have a great week!

Kyle said...

We use to go through Nelly's trash when he lived in St. Louis. We found a bunch of awards that he won.